The Art Of Bunjae (Bonsai)

On beautiful Jeju Island, off the southern coast of Korea, I was lucky enough to visit The Bunjae Artpia, an exquisite garden specialising in Bunjae trees. Bunjae is the Korean name for Bonsai. Creating and nurturing the garden has been the life’s work of Mr. B.Y.Sung, who explained that the art of Bunjae originated in China, then spread to Korea before being adopted by Japan. Please enjoy these photos:

Bunjae Artpia, The Spirited Garden

How Many Years Did It Take To Grow This?

The Art Of Bunjae Is To Make Nature More Beautiful

The Correct Way To Appreciate Bunjae

The Garden Has Lots Of Lovely Trees Besides Bunjae

The Trees Are Kept Outside All Year Round Unless Exceptionally Cold

Bunjae Has to Be Grown In A Pot, Not In The Ground

Bunjae Pots Are Mostly Made In China These Days

The Friendly Mr. B.Y.Sung, Chairman Bunjae Artpia

The Colours Of The Trees Vary From Season To Season

The Garden Is Dedicated To All The People Who Love TreesThe 3 Rules Of Bunjae Etiquette

1. Don’t Touch

2.Don’t Ask How Much

3.Don’t Criticise

Who Are These Handsome Chaps?

I could visit Bunjae Artpia every day of the year and never get bored,


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