Kyrenia Harbour & The Archangelos Michael Icon Museum

Photo of a painting displayed inside Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish) is probably the most picturesque town in Cyprus, centred around the horseshoe-shaped harbour and overlooked by the spectacular Five Finger Mountain range.

Kyrenia Harbour

Kyrenia Harbour

Cosy seafood restaurants with outdoor seating areas line the waterfront. It was once a fishing harbour but is now filled with comfortable pleasure craft offering sunset cruises and fishing excursions to tourists.

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle

A well preserved castle guards the entrance to the harbour and is one of the town’s top tourist attractions.

Archangelos Michael Icon Museum, Kyrenia

Archangelos Michael Church

Our hotel bedroom overlooked this church which was built in 1860 according to a sign outside. It was converted into the Archangelos Michael Icon Museum in 1990.

Archangelos Michael Icon Museum, Kyrenia

Saint Basileos, Saint John Chrisostomos and Saint Georgios

The museum contains a small but attractive collection of Greek Orthodox religious icons, painted on wood, mostly during the 19th Century.

Archangelos Michael Icon Museum, Kyrenia
Archangelos Michael Icon Museum, Kyrenia
All Seeing Eye of God, Kyrenia

Somehow both my son and I failed to notice the eye peeking out above Jesus in this photo. We only spotted it while reviewing our photos after returning from our Cyprus holiday.

One Dollar Bill all seeing eye of God

This eye is presumably the ‘all seeing eye of God’ and is quite a widely recognised symbol, perhaps most famously on the back of a one US dollar bill, where its presence triggers all kinds of whacky speculation among America’s more loony conspiracy theorists.

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