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Kowloon Extension Agreement 1898

When Brexit Secretary David Davis sat down with EU negotiator Michel Barnier last month for a round of talks he was criticised by some in the media for having a completely empty desk while his opposite number came prepared with … Continue reading

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Ah Tai, My Hong Kong Chinese Amah

In 1980 my former employer, a well known Hong Kong bank, transferred me from Oman to Hong Kong. The day I landed at Kai Tak airport, a driver met me and deposited me at my new home, a low-rise apartment … Continue reading

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Tuck’s Oilette Postcards

Though I am not much of a deltiologist, I do have a reasonable collection of vintage and modern picture postcards cluttering up my spare room. Among the older and more attractive postcards are a series of Oilettes which resemble miniature … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Skyline

This photo was taken on my recent rip to Hong Kong. I reckon that only 7 or so of the buildings in the front row were standing when I first visited HK in 1980. Those 7 would be (left to … Continue reading

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Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan Trail, Lamma Island

I was in Hong Kong last week with my wife and daughter and we took the opportunity to revisit Lamma Island after a gap of more than 12 years. One of our favourite excursions when we used to live in … Continue reading

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Hong Kong’s Finest – Charles May

In its early days Hong Kong was a fairly unruly place. Pirates haunted the harbour while triads and other criminals made it unsafe to walk out after dark. The first police were not up to much. The force was prone … Continue reading

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Rednaxela Terrace – Hong Kong

My favourite street name in Hong Kong has to be Rednaxela Terrace, just off the the Central-Mid Levels Escalator above Caine Road. The most plausible explanation for this peculiar name   is that the street was supposed to have been Alexander … Continue reading

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