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Sarkies Hotels

On my recent trip to Surabaya I stayed at the prestigious Hotel Majapahit, established in 1910 as the Oranje Hotel by Lucas Martin Sarkies, a member of the famous Sarkies clan of leading hoteliers. The Sarkies brothers, (Aviet, Arshak, Martin … Continue reading

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House Of Sampoerna & Indonesia’s Smoking Addiction

The House of Sampoerna is considered to be the top tourist attraction in Surabaya according to TripAdvisor. It’s a cigarette museum and tells the rags-to-riches story of Liem Seeng Tee who arrived in Java from China as a boy in … Continue reading

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In Search Of Wallace – Part 8: Bali & Lombok

Perhaps the most lasting legacy of Arthur Russel Wallace’s eight year odyssey though the Malay Archipelago was his discovery of what came to be known as the Wallace Line, a boundary separating the faunal species of southeast Asia from those … Continue reading

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Malang Bird Market & Other Sights

The city of Malang in East Java was established by the Dutch in the late 18th century. At an altitude of around 500 m above sea level it enjoys a mild climate, by tropical standards, with average daytime highs around 29°C … Continue reading

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Surabaya Walking Tour

To make the most of my short time in Surabaya earlier this month I decided to join a 7 hour walking tour of the city arranged by Surabaya Johnny Walker Tour. I’m glad I did because my guide Anitha showed … Continue reading

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In Search Of Wallace – Part 7: East Java

Continuing with my In Search Of Wallace series, last week I travelled to Surabaya in Indonesia to try to retrace Alfred Russel Wallace’s footsteps in East Java which he visited in the summer of 1861. In italics below are extracts … Continue reading

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Letters From Bencoolen – Stokeham Donston

One of the oldest marked graves in the  British Cemetery in Bengkulu, Indonesia belongs to a Stokeham Donston  (SD) who died in 1775. Since it is quite a distinctive name I thought I would Google it and see if anything … Continue reading

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