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Heybeliada, Princes’ Islands, Istanbul

The Princes’ Islands, often known more simply as The Islands (adalar), are a group of 4 large and 5 tiny islands situated in the Sea of Marmara about an hour’s ferry ride from downtown Istanbul. My son and I caught … Continue reading

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Life Inside the Harem at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

The Topkapi Palace Museum Harem Apartments are among the top tourist attractions at Topkapi Palace. For almost 400 years (1465-1856), Topkapi was used as the primary residence for the Ottoman Sultans and the harem was where the Sultan and his … Continue reading

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Sirkeci Railway Station, Istanbul

Istanbul’s historic Sirkeci railway station (also known as Istanbul Gar) was officially opened on 3 November 1890. The station was designed by a German architect August Jachmund who incorporated oriental elements into his blueprint. The station is located in the … Continue reading

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Ottoman Bank Museum, Istanbul

Istanbul has some great museums such as Topkapi Palace Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilica Cistern and Kariye Museum. One of the lesser known museums is the Ottoman Bank Museum, where my son and I were almost the only visitors. This … Continue reading

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Istanbul’s Domes and Minarets

Istanbul is well known for its magnificent mosques. Their domes and minarets dominate the skyline of the old parts of the city and quite a few of them allow non-Muslim visitors to take a look inside and admire their intricately … Continue reading

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Istanbul – The Assassin’s Creed Trail

When I asked my son if he would like to stop over in Istanbul for a few days on our way back to Malaysia from England, he was very enthusiastic about the idea. It turns out that Istanbul (or rather, … Continue reading

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