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Flor De la Mar’s Colourful History

In Melaka, on the quayside near the mouth of the Malacca River, stands a replica of a Portuguese galleon, or carrack, called the Flor de la Mar which sailed in these waters in the early 1500s. This vessel, which is … Continue reading

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Malaysian Road Traffic Signs

Road traffic signs in Malaysia generally follow the international standards used in Europe, but there are a few which have been tailored for local conditions. This one is my favourite: It informs users of this busy urban dual carriageway that … Continue reading

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Enrique, Magellan & Lapu Lapu

While in Cebu recently I took the opportunity to visit the Mactan Shrine, the spot where the explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed in 1521 during a skirmish with the local chieftain, Lapu Lapu. There are two monuments at this site.  … Continue reading

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In Search of Wallace – Gading & Ayer Panas

A few months ago I was reading The Malay Archipelago by famous British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace. This work chronicles his eight years spent criss-crossing modern day Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea from 1852 – 1862 while collecting … Continue reading

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Museu do Oriente, Lisbon

While in Lisbon recently I wanted to visit the Museu do Oriente, a museum dedicated to the Portuguese presence in Asia. Portugal’s principal possessions in Asia comprised Goa, Malacca, East Timor and Macau together with a trading post in Nagasaki, … Continue reading

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Sniffing Glue and Cow Dung

There was a strange item in the news today. It was reported in The Star that an increasing number of youths in Malacca are becoming addicted to sniffing glue and cow dung. Malacca Deputy CID Chief Supt P.R. ­Gunarajan said … Continue reading

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Malaysia Traveller

Here are recent new additions to my website Malaysia Traveller which you might have missed:  Pulau Besar – Mystical Island Near Melaka Pulau Besar is part beach resort and part Islamic pilgrimage site. There are also legends of elves, goblins … Continue reading

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