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Selangor Tin Dredge

To my knowledge there are only two surviving bucketline tin dredges in Malaysia. One is the Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge near Batu Gajah which I wrote about on this blog a few years ago. The other is located near Dengkil … Continue reading

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Guinea Fowl Farm – Semenyih, Selangor

Ever tried to eat Guinea Fowl? Guess what, they taste just like chicken, only better. More flavourful and more nutritious. At least, that’s what I’m told. Yesterday I was invited by Mr. Caseh Teh, the owner of Ostrich Wonderland in … Continue reading

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Selangor’s Steepest Bridge?

An optical illusion, enhanced by a touch of zoom lens, makes this bridge linking Pulau Carey and Pulau Indah seem much steeper than it is in reality. The actual gradient is 4%, which is steep enough to require runaway truck ramps … Continue reading

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Kampung Bukit Chandang, Batang Kali

On the edge of the Selangor town of Batang Kali is a small village known as Bukit Chandang (previously called Kampung Baru Batang Kali). It is one of those artificial settlements created during the Malayan Emergency when scattered rural dwellers … Continue reading

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Kuala Selangor – Goats, Monkeys & Fireflies

It’s always a good sign when a town has goats ambling through its main street. It suggests a slower pace of life and you get a feeling that the inhabitants are not troubled by work-life balance issues. Not that the … Continue reading

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