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Flor De la Mar’s Colourful History

In Melaka, on the quayside near the mouth of the Malacca River, stands a replica of a Portuguese galleon, or carrack, called the Flor de la Mar which sailed in these waters in the early 1500s. This vessel, which is … Continue reading

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Palembang Attractions

Palembang does not rank highly on most lists of ‘things to do in Sumatra’. It’s a bit off the tourist trail being far from any beaches, waterfalls, scenic lakes or spectacular volcanos. But for those who make the effort to … Continue reading

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In Search Of Wallace – Part 4: Palembang, Sumatra

Alfred Russel Wallace visited Sumatra only once and stayed a relatively short time, from November 1861 to January 1862, which is perhaps surprising given that the island is massive (more than double the area of Great Britain) with, at that … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s Earthquake Risk

Mt. Kinabalu’s Clipped Ear I purchased this postcard in 2009 after completing my hike up Gunung Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest mountain. It shows part of the route used by most climbers and the various peaks at the summit. The profile of … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s Haze Problem

For the past couple of weeks Malaysia has been wheezing under a blanket of haze. The haze is actually smoke from forest and peat fires in neighbouring Sumatra and the seasonal south west monsoon is causing the smoke to waft over … Continue reading

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Bukittinggi Zoo, Sumatra

There is a rather grim zoo at Bukittinggi, located next to Fort De Kock. Its centrepiece is a fine example of West Sumatran architecture which houses displays of local customs. Accommodation for the animals is less salubrious.   The cage … Continue reading

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Bukittinggi – Sumatra

Bukittinggi is a hill station town about 90km from Padang (two and a half hours drive). It lies just south of the equator at an altitude of less than 4,000 feet making the day time temperature comfortable and the nights … Continue reading

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