Norham – The Most Dangerous Place in England?

I have written a new post about Norham, a small village in Northumberland with a turbulent history.

I have posted it on a new blog, which I have called Northumberland Traveller, where I have transferred all Thrifty Traveller’s existing articles about Northumberland.

You can read about Norham by following this link:

While you are there, please subscribe to Northumberland Traveller if you want to continue receiving notifications of new posts concerning Northeast England and the Scottish Borders by email. The subscription box is at the bottom of the Norham page. You can also follow on Facebook if you prefer.

Thrifty Traveller will still be used for posts about trips to other countries, once the world is safe to travel again.

Smart Shopping

I was very pleased to see that Thrifty Traveller has been featured on Most Wanted – the lifestyle magazine from It seems they like my tips and philosophy on travelling thriftily.

I feel I should repay the favour. I’m not a big shopper myself but ideas for getting the most from your money are always welcome. I’m sure some of my regular readers will find the smart shopping suggestions on Most Wanted’s website to be of interest.

Johor Premium Outlets Mall

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