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Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

I could not resist visiting the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan during my trip to Taipei earlier this year. It is hidden away in the basement of a modern office building but contains a treasure trove of dolls-house-sized models of Dickensian … Continue reading

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The Ins & Outs of Asian Beverages

I’ve been sampling a few strange drinks lately. In Taipei I spotted this Whisbih Beer which, according to the only English words on the can, appears to contain ‘beer plus whisky’. That is not a great combination in my view … Continue reading

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Taipei’s Japanese Era Buildings

Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1895 to 1945 and the capital area including Taipei was renamed Taihoku. The fifty year colonial experience was a mere blip in Taiwan’s long history but long enough to leave a lasting influence on … Continue reading

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Tamsui’s Black Bearded Barbarian

Tamsui is a charming riverside town near the mouth of the Tamsui River about 25 km north of Taipei. It was one of the four ports in Taiwan opened up to foreign trade by the Qing government in the 1860s … Continue reading

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Jiufen – Inspiration for Spirited Away?

A hike from Houtong to Jiufen via the Jinzihpi Ancient Footpath. Continue reading

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Shifen Station & Waterfall

Shifen is a small town in north east Taiwan, about an hour’s journey by train from Taipei. It was once a coal mining area but has in recent years transformed itself into a popular tourist attraction. The brightly painted trains … Continue reading

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