Land Department, Taiping

If you like old stuff you’ll probably like Taiping. This town was once the capital of Perak state and at one time would have had a sizeable British community with military, government, rubber planters and tin miners in the area. They left their mark on Taiping.

Perak Museum

The Perak Museum was built in 1883 and is said to be the oldest museum in Malaysia.


The jail across the street is even older, dating from 1879. It is still in use.


All Saints Anglican Church must be about 120 years old and looks quaint.

Kapitan Antiques House

Talking of old stuff , the Kapitan Antiques House has some nice old things. The owner Mr.Tan prefers to collect than to sell and he is looking to add a Penny Farthing to his collection of antique bicycles and tricycles.

A pressing purchase

I purchased this old, locally-made charcoal iron as a gift for my wife. I’m sure she will be very impressed!

I'm Loco about Taiping.

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