South Sumatra – Friendliest Place in S.E. Asia?

South East Asia is a friendly part of the world. The Malaysians are famous for their friendliness. Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’ and the Philippines is full of laughing, cheerful people. But I have seldom been to a place where the locals are quite as welcoming as the good folk of Palembang and Bengkulu in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Everywhere I went it was ‘Hello Mister’, ‘Where are you from?’, ‘Take Photo’.

It was difficult for me to take photos of places without somebody wanting to be in the photo and even more wanted to take selfies with me on their phones. Very strange. I can only assume they must have very boring Facebook pages.

Here are just some of the smiling faces I encountered.


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5 Responses to South Sumatra – Friendliest Place in S.E. Asia?

  1. Yoko Lu says:

    I agree that Indonesia is probably very friendly, but Myanmar, for me, was by far the most friendliest. Malaysia, though, too trusting could be a problem, because my camera got snatched by a motorbiker right in front of my eyes while taking photos!

  2. Yes, but as a female you might be more confused. “Hello mister!” is the go to for any greeting for a foreigner. Darn it!

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